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We aim to utilize our growing international network to more efficiently develop diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for life-threatening disease

Our Executive Team

Jan van Bodegom

CEO Coretag

Elmer Monster

CFO Coretag

Markwin Maring

Chairman Board

Karen J. Williams

CMO Coretag

Ermond van Beek

Senior researcher

History of Coretag

In 2011 Coretag initiated contract research in Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands with a catalogue of proprietary cyanines. During this research some of the tested cyanines appeared to bind to necrotic cells.

After additional testing Coretag revealed that the cyanine binds to the proteins which form the cytoskeleton of the cell. Because this proteins only become available in the human body in case the cell has lost its membrane integrity.This moiety provides an selective probe for targeting necrotic cells.

Detecting necrosis

To be able to visualize necrosis on full body scans, Coretag linked a chelator (DOTA) to the cyanine with a PEG-linker. This means that we can now label the probe with radiolabels for detecting and quantify necrosis with an MRI, PET and SPECT scan, but also label it for radio- and hyperthermic therapy which operates from the core of the aggressively growing tumor or metastase.

After this discovery, Coretag patented this invention and initiated a program of additional testing and pre-clinical trials. During the last seven years Coretag tested the platform technology for binding and targeting necrosis in several hospitals and research centers in the Netherlands, Germany, Geneva and Canada. Based on this pre-clinical trials Coretag developed a pipeline of promising applications for diagnostics and therapeutic treatments.

First aim

The technology platform of Coretag provides opportunities for the development of various radioligand therapeutics. However Coretag is first focusing on the development and clinical introduction of NC-Scan. This is a radioligand diagnostic for determining the efficacy of the treatment of a solid tumors.