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What makes Coretag innovative and promising?

Here are the answers:

Current situation: While up to 65% of solid chemotherapies is ineffective, this can only be determined after 4-7 chemotherapy doses and a period up to 5 to 9 months. Leaving patients, family and the medical team insecure and dealing with a lot of adverse effects and costs.

NC-Scan, the fist clinical application of the Coretag platform-technology will determine chemotherapy efficacy within the first week following the first chemotherapy application. Thereby sparing patients ineffective treatments, unnecessary adverse effects and precious time.

The Coretag platform technology can be used easily and effectively for many diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Consequently, many diagnostic procedures and therapeutic treatments are in the pipeline development program.

A seven-years history of extensive pre-clinical research by various internationally recognized cancer research institutions. A full clinical development plan is available and development can go ahead when funding series 3 is completed.

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