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Actino-Core is a therapeutic Coretag technology for the refinement of brachytherapy, a form of radiotherapy from within

Our radiolabeled necrotic cell probe can refine and enhance tumor irradiation. Through this technology, the labeled necrotic cells around the tumor work as carriers/tracers for radiotherapy to destroy living cancer cells. With our technique, the current form of brachytherapy – where ‘seeds’ are implanted – can be expanded.

Quality of life

This Coretag technology creates new crucial medical solutions and a considerably better quality of care for millions of people with cancer.

Personalized medicine

As most cancer therapies have many adverse side-effects and are very expensive (immunotherapy up to $ 250,000 per treatment), there is a high unmet need for personalized medicine. Use of our technology will reduce side-effects and exert a potential life-saving effect.