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Coretag aims to obtain proof of concept of its probe in the clinic in the first half of 2020 and launch it in 2021 for clinical use

Necrosis occurs in the human body only in pathological conditions such as stroke, heart attack, burns, arthrosis or in the presence of an aggressively growing solid tumor. Coretag has developed a probe that specifically binds to necrotic cells in the human body. This feature permits detecting necrotic tissue. This is an important innovation, which can be used easily and effectively for many diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. This platform technology therefore offers great opportunity to develop diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.

Coretag products in the pipeline

After extensive pre-clinical research and development, The NC-Scan is now ready to enter the clinical phase. Although our platform technology offers various interesting applications, we first focus on four products:

Therm-Core is a therapeutic technology where the necrosis probe is being labeled with a magnetic atom. The Necrosis Probe can be selectively heated by the MRI-scan induced magnetic field. Killing surrounding tumor tissue by Hyperthermia very precisely.
Actino-Core is a therapeutic Coretag technology for the refinement of brachytherapy, a form of radiotherapy from within, administered intravenously. Our radiotherapy-labeled necrotic cell probe can refine and enhance tumor irradiation. The labeled necrotic cells around the tumor work through our technology as carriers/tracers for radiotherapy to destroy living cancer cells.
The NC-Scan will be the first clinical application of the Coretag technology, used for permitting to determine chemotherapy efficacy within the first week following the first chemotherapy. We will start with determining the efficacy of cytostatic treatment of solid tumors.
Visualizing necrotic tissue in the context of image-guided burns surgery. Coretag aims to develop near infrared applications for detecting necrosis on or direct under the surface of the body and the surfaces of body-cavities.

FDA and EMA approval

A relative short time period is needed to have Coretag’s Necrosis Probe approved by the FDA and EMA, as it is a diagnostic drug. The Coretag probe can therefore be quickly implemented in clinical practice – improving the quality of care with major leaps and strictly controlling healthcare costs.